Dana Point

Tai Chi Dana Point

Tai Chi Dana Point

The Essence of The Internal

...to lengthen the quality of our life and maintain the spirit of youth.

Students of all levels must use the movements to understand themselves, find their center, understand deeper relaxation and learn how to move their body efficiently with economy of movement and natural power. These are the so-called secrets of our practice. In reality, there are no secrets.

Not only should students know the following statements, but they should be seeking them, studying them as they practice. This is how to progress, THIS IS THE ART.

“The motion should be rooted in the feet, released through the legs,
controlled by the waist, and manifested through the hands.”

“Insubstantial and substantial should be clearly differentiated”

"The postures should be without defect, without hollows or projections from the proper alignment; in motion the form should not become disconnected."

If you don’t know these statements how can you correct your practice? How can you be sure you are practicing correctly? How will you develop your health if you are merely going through movement to movement without a guideline.

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